We’re always curious which are our post popular posts. By popular, we mean getting more attention and visitors than others.

While we always try to make the posts timely, why some are more popular than others we’ve never quite figured it out.

Anyway, and for whatever reason, here are our 11 Most Popular Posts in 2011.

  1. WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS FOR DRONES IN SECURITY. We have high expectations for drone technology in the future and believe it will play a significant role in risk management and corporate security.
  2. THE BEST WAYS TO DEAL WITH WORKPLACE VIOLENCE. The best ways to deal with workplace violence incidents is to prevent them from becoming full-fledged conflicts.
  3. TAL GLOBAL TEAM MEMBER SPEAKS OUT: NO ON DEFUNDING THE POLICE. THINGS COULD GET WORSE.  Reprint from USA Today. While defunding the police is intended to force changes in police practices and redirect funds to community development, there is also an underlying element of retribution.
  4. OUR FRONT-LINE WORKERS ARE UNDER ATTACK. As this is being written, the big news about COVID-19 is its resurgence in the U.S. However, what is getting far less attention today (and over the past 18 months) is how front-line workers and the entire healthcare industry has come under assault since the pandemic began. 
  5. WHAT HAPPENS AFTER WORKPLACE VIOLENCE? As to what happens after an incident, we now know there are at least three stages of coping that most healthy people grapple with. 
  6. TIP SHEETS: HOW SMALL BUSINESSES CAN ADDRESS WORKPLACE VIOLENCE.   Here are several “tip sheets” for small business owners and managers to help prevent and deal with workplace violence.
  7. LET’S WAKE UP TO A SERIOUS THREAT TO OUR COUNTRY: CHINESE INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE. There is a serious threat emerging in our country.  Here is a Case in Point.
  8. SCHOOL SECURITY: WHAT WORKS, WHAT DOESN’T WORK. According to the Department of Education’s National Center for Educational Statistics, nearly every school in the country now conducts lockdown drills to protect students.
  9. WHAT DOES A PERSON THAT COMMITS INSIDER THREATS LOOK LIKE? You probably guessed it already.  The people that commit insider threats look just like you and me.
  10. ARE YOU READY? NEW SECURITY CONCERNS COMING IN 2022At this time of year, many organizations focus on their goals and concerns for the coming new year. While security concerns may not have been high on the list of corporate concerns a couple of decades ago, they are front and center today.
  11. THINGS WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SILICON VALLEY SPIES. Silicon Valley spies are hard to uncover because they are trained to fit in. They adapt to gain the target’s trust, thereby enabling to be in a position where they can harvest the information they need.popular posts

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