Here are Questions and Answers about Retail Crime Prevention from Mike Keenan, TAL Global’s Managing Director of Retail Loss Prevention

Mike, what does it mean when retailers say they are being impacted by organized crimeretail crime prevention

Organized retail crime differentiates itself from your casual opportunistic shoplifter because these people plan it out. They have teams, and equipment. You’ll learn more about retail organized crime – and how to deal with it – in my upcoming webinar.

I know you have worked with many major retailers. What is the first thing you analyze when you begin your work?

The safety of store employees and the store’s customers. This should always be a retailer’s top priority.

What can retailers do now to protect themselves from theft?  

They must have a risk and security assessment conducted. They must know where things stand now and build from there.

Also, be proactive. It’s crucial now.  We’ll discuss steps to take in the webinar. 

As to internal theftare stores increasing the supervision of the staff? 

Yes. More use closed-circuit TV and camera systems to monitor their employees even when they are not working, but in the store. We’ll discuss ways to address internal theft, which is an increasingly severe problem. 

How can retailers find out more strategies to prevent crime in the retail environment? 

As mentioned, I’m having a free webinar on this subject.

It will be held on Thursday, May 25, 2023, at 11 AM Pacific Time, 2 PM Eastern (US and Canada) 

Retail crime prevention is my specialty. But this webinar will be helpful and educational for those in other industries as well.

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