The Case of the Mysterious Investor

A large North American conglomerate was in a challenging situation. They wanted to do business with a gentleman in Mexico who was a member of a very wealthy family in Mexico City, or so they were told. However, they were having difficulty learning much about him. They had taken their own steps to discover more about this mysterious investor, but nothing was coming up.

The Situation Regarding the Mysterious Investor

The conglomerate was involved in a significant real estate venture in the city. They wereinvestor looking for a development partner to invest in the project with them and help guide them through the ins and outs of local customs and the maze of government rules and regulations they were anticipating.

Enter TAL Global

The problem here was to find out who this wealth man was.

At this point, all anyone knew was that he had been born into a family of wealth, appeared to be well educated, was certainly worldly, and claimed he had many business holdings throughout Mexico.

To find out more, the conglomerate called TAL Global for help.

According to Johnathan Tal, CEO of TAL Global, despite thorough research involving public and private records, private investigations, and interviews with real estate professionals, law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, and even social circles in Mexico, “we uncovered little about this man and his family.”

Usually, you uncover positive and sometimes not-so-positive business, financial, and personal dealings; that’s par for the course. But with this man, nothing.”

Why TAL Global

Tal said he did not want to return to the client with little to report.

Further, it was a rare case that TAL Global could not recommend or suggest a course of action for a client.

“We put together an extensive file detailing our entire investigation. The important level of detail convinced our client no information was a warning sign. The client decided not to do business with this mysterious investor or his family, which was probably the right course of action.”

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