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The following TAL Global case studies discuss some of our projects and their outcomes.


Case Study:
Investigating a Potential Business Partner Thousands of Miles Away

Ensuring a US company is making the right decision to partner with a company in Dubai

We truly are living in a global world. Businesses worldwide have entered partnerships with foreign companies to manufacture and distribute products and provide services. Often these arrangements can prove very lucrative for all involved.

When a large hospitality company in the U.S. decided to market its products and services in the Middle East, they reached out to a company in Dubai to be their partner. TAL Global Case Studies

The Dubai company was well-known, could help the U.S. company immensely, and appeared to be a perfect fit. Both firms were excited about the potential arrangements and took steps to complete them.

However, just as a precaution, the U.S. firm decided that a little investigation was warranted before signing a contract.

The Situation

Yes, scores of businesses have partnerships with other organizations worldwide. It’s now commonplace. But companies can risk a lot of time, effort, millions of dollars – and their reputation – by getting involved with an organization that might not be entirely on the “up and up.”

While there was no indication that this was true with this Dubai company, we know that businesses often get into partnerships with foreign enterprises based on incomplete information, no information, or even worse, misinformation.

Because so much information is now available about companies and organizations online, it might seem relatively easy to find out about a company thousands of miles away, its executive staff, and other pertinent information relatively quickly. However, that is not always the case.

Many countries have fewer or different reporting standards compared to those in the U.S. In some cases, less information is reported about organizations in general, and what is available to the public is from controlled sources. This means information available online is information an organization wants others to know and a little more.

Enter TAL Global

This hospitality company asked us to perform what is called in the security industry, due diligence services. While many of these investigations turn up little information that could block a partnership from moving forward, some unfortunately due.

However, no matter the outcome, the benefit is that the company requesting the due diligence can now feel comfortable they are making their decision based on credible and reliable information.

Among the steps in a due diligence program are the following:

  • Detailed background checks about the company officers.
  • Investigating any civil or criminal court actions involving the company or its officers.
  • Contacting organizations such as the Better Business Bureau or something similar in overseas countries looking for potentially damaging information.
  • Checking addresses; In some cases, a business expected to be in a commercial or industrial location is in a residential. This can be troubling.
  • Finding out where officers live. Supposedly successful, high-net-worth officers living in a low- or moderate-income neighborhood can also be a concern.
  • Lack of information available about an organization or its officers. Sometimes information that should be available about an organization is missing. In such cases, this is a “red flag.”

Why TAL Global

TAL Global has experts across the globe that perform due diligence services. They know the ins and outs of local record-keeping, where to look for information, what sources to tap, what information is reliable, and what may be questionable.

In this case, we told our client that the Dubai organization was a credible and worthwhile organization to do business with. Based on our conclusion, the partnership was formed and has proven successful for both parties. Please feel free to Talk to Us

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Case Study: Executive Security

Canadian executive turns to TAL Global to ensure family vacation is safe, risk free, and private.

Politicians, celebrities, dignitaries, professional athletes, and top-level business executives all share one thing in common: they often need executive protection, especially when traveling.

Not only may they be at risk because these individuals are typically wealthy, but when it comes to politicians and business executives, they may also have access to confidential government information that other governments are more than willing to pay for, or access to valuable corporate trade secrets. TAL Global Case Studies

Further, if they are traveling with their families, it means the entire family’s safety and well-being could also be at risk when they travel.


A top-level executive at a Canadian brokerage firm planned to vacation in Rio de Janeiro. For most of us taking this trip, the key concerns would be lining up hotels, airfare, packing, getting the kids in the car, and off to the airport.

However, this executive and his firm were well aware of the vulnerabilities he and his family might face in Rio.

While beautiful, warm, and exciting, the U.S. Department of State advises Americans traveling to Rio that they should “exercise increased caution due to crime.”

The Advisory goes on to say:

There is a serious risk of crime in Rio de Janeiro. Violent crimes such as murder, armed robbery, carjacking, assault, and kidnapping are a frequent occurrence.

Opportunistic street crimes such as pickpocketing, purse snatching, and smash-and-grab theft from vehicles and storefronts is a constant concern. These acts take place in all areas of the city at any time throughout the year.

The Advisory adds:

Criminals often target their victims due to perceived wealth, position (referring to who they are or what they do), and the victims lack of awareness.

Enter TAL Global

This is when TAL Global comes into the picture. The executive and his firm hired TAL Global to provide 24/7 protection for this family while in Brazil. This involved placing two highly skilled executive protection specialists to travel with the family, help plan their outings with security and safety in mind, and monitor their activities closely enough to ensure their safety, but at a great enough distance to ensure their privacy.

Why TAL Global?

During our thirty plus years, executive protection has long been one of the key services provided by TAL Global. During that time, our company has earned one of the most impressive and respected reputations in the industry when it comes to all forms of security, including executive protection.

Our team includes experts in emergency preparedness, security and risk management, information security, and counterterrorism.

As to our client, the Canadian executive, we are pleased to say, he and his family had a safe, and delightful trip from start to finish.

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CASE STUDY: Gaming the Gaming Company

Determining if an unauthorized individual has an unreleased copy of a new Internet game.

Many of us may not realize this, but online games are big business, really big business. While they can take a considerable amount of time and require the minds and energy of several incredibly talented people, billions of dollars can and are being made by companies around the world that have crafted these games, playable on various electronic devices.

What has made online gaming even more popular and lucrative in recent years is the development

TAL Global Case Studies

of multiplayer online games, allowing players to compete or play in partnership against others. In 2007, one company introduced a new multiplayer online game that became so popular, this one company made over one billion (that’s with a “B”) dollars on just this one game in less than three years.

The Situation

With all the time and energy at stake, along with the potential to make millions if not billions of dollars, you can see how concerned a Southern California online gaming company became when it found out someone was claiming to have an unreleased copy of a new game they were about to introduce. This organization was at a loss as to what to do and how to protect against this threat.

The first question that had to be addressed was to determine if the accusation – that someone had an unauthorized version of the game – was even true. This online gaming manufacturer was a small, tight-knit organization. They worked with a select and carefully chosen group of software engineers worldwide, whom they believed they could trust.

They also wondered if the company’s computer systems had secretly been hacked. In November 2020, a leading Japan-based game software maker announced that 350,000 pieces of data – not only about their games but customer information – was compromised by computer hackers.

In this case, things turned from bad to worse. As reported in Databreches.net, “it appears that the attackers dumped approximately 60 GB of data,” from this one company, potentially crippling the game software maker.

Enter TAL Global

TAL Global was called in to investigate the Southern California software company’s predicament. TAL Global was tasked to determine the following:

  • Did an unauthorized version of the latest unreleased game exist outside the company.
  • If so, who had it and where were they located.
  • How did they get the copy.
  • What steps could be taken quickly to prevent its release.

A tall order with few if any leads. To address the situation, TAL Global used its Computer Forensic Experts to conduct a computer forensics investigation. Computer forensics is often confused with cybersecurity. However, the two are quite different.

Cybersecurity is focused on preventing a computer hack. On the other hand, computer forensics is reactive; investigators are called in after a hack has occurred. The goal is to find out who the cybercriminals are, how they broke in, and what steps should be taken next.

In this situation, it appears the claims by this individual were unfounded. The forensic investigation further found that none of the people involved with the project had released any information or had a copy of the program, nor were the gaming company’s computers hacked.

The new game was released as scheduled, proved popular, and quite lucrative for this Southern California company.

Why TAL Global

As of 2019, there is a hacker attack every 39 seconds happening somewhere worldwide. That year, there were 3,800 publicly disclosed security breaches. Likely thousands more remained undisclosed.

Many of these organizations had already taken very advanced steps to protect their data and critical information. Yet, hackers still breached their systems.

Computer forensics is a very specialized service requiring very skilled investigators. When called in to provide this service, along with finding the culprits, our goal at TAL Global is to help our clients recover from this situation, learn from it, and help them prevent it from occurring again.

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When No News Is Bad News

A large North American conglomerate was in a tough situation. They wanted to do business with a gentleman who was a member of a very wealthy family in Mexico City; however, they were having difficulty learning much about him. They had taken their own steps to discover more about the man but kept coming up empty-handed.TAL Global Case Studies

The Situation

The conglomerate was involved in a major real estate venture in the city. They were looking for a development partner that could invest in the project with them and who could help guide them through the ins-and-outs of local customs and the maze of government rules and regulations they were anticipating.

Enter TAL Global

This gentleman fit the part perfectly. The only problem: who was he?

At this point, all they knew was that he had been born into a family of wealth, appeared to be well educated, was certainly worldly, and claimed he had many business holdings throughout Mexico.

To find out more, they called in TAL Global for help.

According to Jonathan Tal, CEO of TAL Global, despite thorough research that involved public and private records, covert investigations, and interviews with real estate professionals, law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, and even social circles, “we uncovered extraordinarily little about this man and his family. Usually, you uncover positive and some not so positive business, financial, and personal dealings; that’s par for the course. But with this man, nothing.”

Why TAL Global

Tal said he did not want to return to the client with little to report. Further, it was a rare case indeed that TAL Global was unable to recommend or at least suggest a course of action for a client.

“What we did is put together an extensive file, detailing our entire investigation. The high level of detail convinced our client no information was probably bad information. They decided not to do business with this man or his family, which was probably the right course of action.”

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The Best Way to Handle an International Crime Organization

We do not hear about Kyrgyzstan that often, and usually when we do, the news is not all that good. For instance, the last big news item coming out of the country was in January 2021. This headline from the New York Times says it all:

Populist, Prisoner, President: A Convicted Kidnapper Wins Kyrgyzstan Election

Below the headline, the Times added: TAL Global Case Studies

In a country where presidents’ tenures often end with violent upheavals, [the new president] Sadyr Japarov emerged victorious in a snap election set off by an uprising last fall.

The Situation

This landlocked country has had a long and colorful history. Located in Central Asia, the country is surrounded by countries that were once part of the USSR to the north and borders China to the south.

Because the country is landlocked, it must be resourceful in several ways, including how to generate income for the country, its businesses, and its citizens. One way this is accomplished is to allow large corporations to develop mega-hotel and gambling resorts in key areas of the country.

Enter TAL Global

Recently, an international corporation was putting the finishing touches on their Kyrgyzstan hotel casino. They were in the process of hiring a “gaming service,” as they are called, to manage and operate the gambling areas. However, before signing on the dotted line, they decided to do a background check on the gaming company they were considering.

Background checks can be far more involved than many people realize. For instance, in this case, they involved discreetly contacting people who had worked for and done business with this gaming company, law-enforcement organizations, government agencies, as well as tax authorities familiar with the firm.

To perform a thorough background check, they hired TALGlobal. TALGlobal is an international security and risk management organization based in Silicon Valley. In addition to working with major technology companies, TAL Global has been hired by sports organizations, international corporations, medical facilities, and other large groups, helping to ensure their operations are safe from harm.

Why TAL Global

“This investigation took us throughout Europe,” says Jonathan Tal, CEO and founder of TAL Global. “Using our contacts and connections in the area, we soon learned far more about this gaming company than we anticipated . . . much of it quite concerning.”

What TAL Global had uncovered was that the gaming company “had connections to an international crime organization.” “As soon as we realized what we were dealing with, we contacted our client.”

And it was just in time. With this knowledge, and under the guidance of TAL Global, the hotel resort politely told the gaming company there had been a change in plans. They would not need the services of the gaming company after all.

The entire process was handled so respectfully and professionally, the gaming company never even suspected they had failed a background check. “And when you’re dealing with international crime organizations, that’s definitely the best way to handle the situation,” adds Tal.

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TAL Global Case Studies