School Shooter Warning Signs

“The signs of a school shooter are typically there;
we just have to pay attention.”


San Jose, CA – April 12, 2021 – It appears schools may finally start to open this summer and next fall.

However, and unfortunately, this may mean we should expect school shootings to resurface.

“Deadly school shootings are not new,” says Johnathan Tal, CEO of TAL Global, an international corporate security and risk management firm.  “They date back to the 1800s.  What is ‘new’ now is they are more frequent and much more random.”school shooter

By more random, Tal means that early school shootings occurred when, for instance, a student was upset with a teacher. 

Today, “a shooter guns down anyone that just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

To address this, the U.S. Secret Service, is developing a “profile” of a school shooter.

“What they are finding is that school shooters invariably display warning signs,” says Tal.  “It’s noticing these warning signs ahead of time that can prevent a disaster.”

So, what are some of these warning signs? 

According to Tal, the indicators the Secret Service has uncovered of a school shooter include the following:

  •     Someone that discusses their intentions with others. “Some school shooters have shared their plans with school mates, even telling them what day and time they are planning their rampage.” 
  •     Students that share their fascination with school shootings or shootings in general.  “In today’s world, this might even be online.” 
  •     Someone seeking fame.  Others seeking revenge, after being mocked by other students or even teachers. 
  •     People that are depressed, display harassing behavior, or have suicidal thoughts. “Once again, they may share their suicidal thoughts with others.” 
  •     A suspected student that is absent from school.  “Many students report they will be absent from school on the day they plan their shooting rampage.”

Tal adds that “what we must remember is that while these shootings invariably seem impulsive, often the shooter has researched their targets and even documented their plans in writing.

 The signs are typically there, we just have to pay attention.”

school shooter 

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