The Louisville Shooting | What You May Not Know

Here is what you may not know about the recent Louisville shooting.
At the top of the list, this shooting must be recognized for what it is, workplace violence.

Where it Occurred

The shooting occurred in the Preston Pointe building at 333 E. Main Street in Louisville. Constructed in 2005, the building is a multi-tenant building, housing several businesses as well as residences.  This tells us more people could have been at risk simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When did it Occur?

Louisville Metro Police reported the first calls at approximately 8:30 am on April 10, 2023. Police arrived within minutes and encountered gunshots fired within the bank.

About the Shooter

The man who killed five people and injured four others at Old National Bank was a 25-year-old former employee of the bank. He was live streaming the entire attack on Instagram as it unfolded, and right before the shooting, he called his roommate to say, “I’m about to kill everyone at that bank.”*

The Big Why

The shooter was a football player in eight grade, where he suffered multiple concussions. The Concussion Legacy Foundation reports the concussions may have impaired his thinking and memory and made him more prone to aggression, depression, paranoia, and mood swings.

However, what we do know is he was very distraught about being fired from the bank. According to one of his Instagram posts, which remains unconfirmed, he wrote, “I know what I have to do, but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it. I could burn this whole place down. They won’t listen to words or protests. Let’s see if they hear this.”

Weapon Used 

The shooter was armed with a semi-automatic, AR-15-style weapon. This rifle is often referred to as “America’s Rifle,” because it is so popular. However, it was developed in the 1950s for military use.

The Uvalde shooter also used an AR-15-style rifle when he shot and killed nineteen children at a Texas Elementary school last year. In the Uvalde case, the shooter purchased the rifle a week before the shooting. The Louisville shooter purchased his gun from a local gun shop, six days before his rampage.

Of Note

Twenty-five years ago, then-President Bill Clinton signed the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. The bill specifically “prohibits the manufacture, transfer, or possession of a semi-automatic assault weapon,” of which the AR-15 was included. That bill had a “sunset” provision, expiring in 2004, unless extended by Congress. It was not.

Reaction from Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear

One of the victims of the shooting was 63-year-old Tommy Elliott, senior vice president of the bank. At the time, only four people were reported dead.  Later that day, the Governor said:

We lost four children of God today, one of whom was one of my closest friends. Tommy Elliott helped me build my law career (and) helped me become Governor. He gave me advice on being a good dad.


Extreme Workplace Violence

This was an extreme – but all too common – form of workplace violence. Could this have been prevented? Possibly, if a Workplace Violence Program was in place.

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What Is a Workplace Violence Program and Why Do I Need One?

It will be held on April 27, 2023, at 11:00 am Pacific Time.

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*Some reports say the shooter was 23 years old.

Image:  The shooter (left), and his roommate, who was told moments before the shooting, “I’m about to kill everyone at that bank.”

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