Kidnapping in Haiti | Everybody Has Got a Price

Here’s What Happened:

Jean-Dickens Toussaint and his wife, Abigail, both 33, were kidnapped on March 18, 2023, while in Haiti to see a sick relative and attend a colorful Easter festival.

They flew into Haiti and then took a public bus to their destination.

They were grabbed from the bus as it reached Port-au-Prince, known for worsening gang violence.


At least 277 kidnappings have been reported in Haiti since the beginning of the year, according to the United Nations. The victims include a U.S. Embassy employee; a bank executive grabbed while driving; a beloved pediatrician and children’s hospital founder; and at least 101 others who were abducted and held for ransom just in the first two weeks of March 2023.

Just in Haiti?

No. While the U.S. Government and private agencies keep the numbers, often because they are working to help kidnapped victims get released, it is estimated that are approximately 300 Americans kidnapped each year in locations around the world.

How can I protect myself?

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