August Focus of the Month: Investigations

Each month, TAL Global focuses on different risk management and security consulting topics. In August, our blogs, webinars, news stories, and tip sheets will all reference the distinct types of investigations that a security and consulting firm can TAL Global frequently conducts for their clients. 

Just to clarify, we are not talking about private detective work — although that can be performed. Instead, our center of attention will be investigating security-related incidents in schools, offices, religious centers, healthcare centers, and other commercial facilities.

So, with that clarified, let’s dive right in and discuss some of the several types of investigations we will be covering in August 2023.

General Investigations

If you have been reading our blogs or the TAL Global Insider, you know there is an overlap between physical security and risk assessments. Now we must add another overlapping term: general investigations. 

A general investigation by a security and risk consulting firm is a comprehensive review of a company’s security posture. This type of investigation examines a company’s security policies, procedures, and practices. All too often, the analysis finds that these need to be put in place or updated. 

The general investigation also aims to identify a facility/organization’s vulnerability that could lead to security breaches. This typically starts with analyzing the company’s physical security measures, access control systems, and surveillance cameras. Taking the next step, the investigation findings are used to develop recommendations for improving the company’s security posture.

Why Are Investigations Important?

At one point or another, some type of investigation will be necessary for an organization to determine, for instance:

      If a crime has been committed.

      If there is a credible incidence of employee misconduct.

      If property damage has occurred and the costs of that damage.

      For due diligence purposes when hiring a new employee, vendor, or independent contractor.

      Before a trial or litigation or to head off a trial or litigation.

A properly executed investigation can also be cost-effective and often means the difference between successfully resolving a situation and incurring additional liability.

Due Diligence

We just referenced it. But to better understand how vital a due diligence investigation is, let’s look at a company that did not perform adequate due diligence.

Before hiring “Joe,” someone in the company HR department conducted what can be termed a desktop background check. Nothing out of the ordinary came up while conducting online searches. Further, his social media engagement proved insignificant.

However, once hired, he was suspected of stealing something from the office. He then became aware that someone had seen him steal the item. When this happened, Joe began threatening that employee. 

While the theft could never be verified, the threatened employee later sued the employer, claiming negligent hiring — Joe should never have been hired.

It was later discovered that Joe had a history of stealing from former employers and threatening workers. Proper due diligence would have revealed this behavior – and he would never have been hired.


Let’s explore one more type of investigation, and that is a pre-litigation investigation. Pre-litigation is typically performed before a lawsuit begins. If conducted by a security consulting firm, it will be a documented, systematic inquiry, involving several steps.

One of the goals of the pre-trial investigation is to determine if a trial is even warranted. One side or the other or both may realize there is not enough evidence to go to court. When this happens, it could be a considerable time and cost savings. However, a pre-litigation investigation may also reveal legal exposure to one or all parties. When this happens, it typically opens the door for dispute resolution.

Of course, we will be exploring other issues related to investigations during the month of August. This is a very wide-ranging, ever-changing topic. And because of this, it is one reason so many organizations turn to risk assessment and security consulting firms to conduct these investigations.

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