New Survey Looks into Workplace Harassment

Deloitte Global, a leading consulting organization with offices worldwide, surveyed 14,483 Gen Zs and 8,373 Millennials in March 2023 regarding workplace harassment and its many forms. According to the survey, which was released earlier this year:   

The survey data shows that many Gen Zs are experiencing high levels of inappropriate behaviors at work, ranging from microaggressions to harassment, which may explain why they cite sexual harassment among their top societal concerns.  Millennials are also experiencing these behaviors, although slightly less.
The key finding in the study is that over six in 10 Gen Zs (61 percent) and half of millennials (49 percent) have experienced harassment or microaggressions at work in the past 12 months.  

The top workplace harassment behaviors experienced include the following:


  • Offensive or suggestive emails or other forms of communication. For Gen Zs, 19 percent. Of millennials, 14 percent.
  • Inappropriate approaches or physical advances by colleagues. For Gen Zs, 17 percent. For Millennials, 12 percent.
  • Inappropriate physical contact in the workplace or at work events. For Gen Zs, 16 percent. Of millennials, 11 percent

The survey also investigated what were called microaggressions, another form of workplace harassment.
These are indirect forms of aggression. The findings here were as follows:  

  • Being excluded from informal interactions or conversations. For Gen Zs, 13 percent. For Millennials, 10 percent.
  • Undercut or undermined by leaders based on gender. For Gen Zs, 9 percent. For Millennials, 7 percent.
  • Hearing unwanted jokes at their expense. For Gen Zs, 10 percent. For Millennials, 7 percent 

Other Findings

According to the report, women, non-binary individuals, and members of the LGBT+ community are less likely to report incidents of harassment to their employers.  

Nevertheless, around 80 percent of those surveyed do report these forms of harassment to their employers.  

When asked about their organization’s handling of such incidents, 45 percent of Gen Z respondents reported that their organization dealt with them very/somewhat well, while 54% of Millennials indicated the same.  The others in both groups indicated their organizations did not handle the situations well or refused to say.

Our Takeaway

There are many takeaways from this report. However, what TAL Global recommends is that all workers should feel free and be encouraged to speak up about any form of harassment they experience or witness in the workplace. Further, organizations should create a safe and supportive environment for this to happen. Employers have a responsibility to address these situations and acquire the skills to deal with them effectively.  This is where TAL Global can help.

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