TAL Global Has a Special Announcement:

The Introduction of Prepare-React-Recover

 An Innovative New Approach to Active Shooter Situations


Silicon Valley, CA – October 17, 2023 – TAL Global, a leading security consulting and risk assessment firm based in Silicon Valley, announces a new and more effective approach for handling active shooter and other violent crisis situations.

Known as Prepare-React-Recover, it is based on the best elements of Run, Hide, Fight, used for decades and supported by many law enforcement organizations.

However, the new program from TAL Global focuses on

preventing such situations from occurring in the first place.

With the Run, Hide, Fight methodology, in an active shooter situation, building users are to:

  • Run out of the building.
  • Hide, if running is not option.
  • Fight as a last resort.

However, according to Oscar Villanueva, COO of TAL Global, Run, Hide, Fight has at least two fundamental flaws.

  1. We often freeze in violent situations, losing valuable seconds that could help protect ourselves and others.
  1. It is reactive, designed to address violent situations after they have occurred.

In contrast, Prepare-React-Recover is proactive. It involves the following:

Prepare: Conducting physical security and risk assessments of the facility, analyzing the effectiveness of current security measures, and identifying, analyzing, and evaluating risks to a facility and those using it. It also includes creating a threat management team, instructed on how to handle active shooter and other violent situations.

React: Implementing evacuation or lockdown procedures directed by the threat management team, notifying employees of the situation, monitoring the situation, and determining when conditions are safe.

Recovery: Ensuring anyone hurt during the attack receives prompt medical attention, thoroughly investigating the incident, and restoring the facility back to normal operations as quickly as possible.

According to Villanueva, the recovery component is also necessary should there be post-incident litigation. It provides a clearer picture of what happened before, during, and after the crisis.

“We are living in a much different world today than when Run, Hide, Fight was created,” he adds.  “A new approach is needed to protect people and property in an ever-challenging security environment.”


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