TAL Global Represented at ABA Labor and Employment Law Conference

PRESS RELEASE: TAL Global Represented at ABA Labor and Employment Law Conference

November 17, 2020 – Campbell, CA – The American Bar Association has just completed its 14th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference, held “virtually” this year from Los Angeles.TAL Global

While the conference included several presentations during the two-day event from “Hot-Button Employee Benefits Issues,” to employee privacy, and “The Movement to Diversify Corporate Boards,” one of the key presentations discussed the updated Ex-Patriot Agreement and “Tips and Traps of Representing Companies and Individuals in Unsettled Times.”

This was part of the conference’s “International Track,” which also focused on executive travel around the globe.

According to Johnathan Tal, CEO of TAL Global, an international corporate security and risk management firm based in Campbell, CA, – and one of the presenters at the event – all that was typically needed in years past to allow global employers to send their executives and professional employees overseas was to fill out a variety of forms.

“However, today, due to COVID and the unsettled political and economic turmoil around the globe, these ‘cross-border transfers,’ as they are called, have become much more complicated.

The mountains of paperwork remain, but what is changing is that many host countries are updating their requirements. Further, there are far more [executive] security concerns today than there were just a year ago.”

He also discussed in his presentation that executive protection and cyber security threats have expanded considerably this year, again because of the pandemic and disruption in the world political environment.

Executive protection, or physical security as it is referred to in the corporate security world, typically means the “bodily protection of an organization’s staff and executives, both on- and off-site,” according to Tal.

“But today, we must add temperature monitoring of all individuals meeting with these executives, crowd control, more closely scrutinized event planning, and even overcrowding prevention.”

Tal adds that at Tal Global, corporate security now requires moving from actively ensuring the physical security of traveling executives to proactively ensuring their security, health, and safety, a strategy his firm adopted several years ago.

“We must now go from being able to control situations if and when they occur to making sure they never happen in the first place.”

As to cyber security, the issue today is that most cyber security systems were designed with the assumption staff will be working in a central office.

“But today and in the future, staff may be working from home. This opens the door to a variety of cybersecurity pressures that must be addressed to protect [law] firms and their clients.”

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