Combating Workplace Violence – The Four-Step TAL Global Approach

Workplace violence is on the rise in the United States and becoming a serious, and all too often, deadly problem.

The triggers are many and can include such things as actual or perceived injustice in the workplace, economic hardship, failing personal relationships, feelings of personal failure, even traumatic family events such as the death, illness, or injury to a family member.

We should also know that the cost of workplace violence is enormous:

·        Hundreds of fatalities every year are the result of workplace violence.
·        Thousands of workers are left traumatized because of workplace violence.
·        Billions of dollars in economic damage due to business interruption.

Further, organizations affected by workplace violence are often found liable for negligence because they had no risk management or workplace violence prevention plan in place.

To address this, over the past twenty-eight years, TAL Global has been designing customized comprehensive workplace management response and prevention programs to address workplace violence:

That workplace violence program includes the following: 

Step 1 – Immediate Intervention: When something happens, we will be on site as quickly as possible to help contain the situation, prevent further escalation, and provide instant security and safety to people and property.

Step 2 – Threat/Risk Assessments: We will use state-of-the art diagnostic, investigative, and analytic tools to get to the root of the situation, uncovering hazards and vulnerabilities that could result in workplace violence.

Step 3 – Action Plan: With the assessment concluded, we will develop and implement a comprehensive action plan to help reduce the current possibilities of workplace violence and mitigate future risks.

Step 4 – Organizational Training: We will train you and your staff in ways to detect the threat of workplace violence and learn what steps to take to minimize the chances that it will occur.

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For more than twenty-eight years, TAL Global has been working with organizations all over the world to help keep them safe. If you’d like to improve and enhance the safety of your facility or organization and mitigate risk, let’s talk.

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