Ten Reasons Staffers are Afraid to Report Workplace Violence

By July 27, 2023 School Violence

One of the issues we encounter frequently when helping organizations minimize if not eliminate workplace violence is the fact that so many members of an organization are uncomfortable about reporting it.

It’s more than just being uncomfortable; in all too many cases, staffers are afraid to do so.

Here are the ten reasons most staffers are afraid to report workplace violence:

1). Fear of losing their job, a promotion, or being demoted.

2). Fear of being denied a pay increase.

3). Fear that colleagues will ostracize them.

4). Fear of embarrassment or harassment

5). Fear they will not be believed.

6). If a female victim, fear of being labeled difficult.

7). If a male victim, fear of being considered weak.

8). Fear of reliving the incident when investigated.

9). Fear the incident will be reported in the news where the victim works.

10). Fear of not being able to get another job if the incident is reported.


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Remember…stay alert and stay safe.

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