Looking Beyond January 6

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Following the January 6 attack on the Capitol in Washington, DC, we posted our views on the events that unfolded in an article published on LinkedIn: A Statement on Today’s Events in Washington.

While we are nonpartisan, we are not neutral and that certainly applies to what happened on January 6.


As these events unfolded, we placed much of the blame for the day’s events on Donald Trump, primarily due to his repeated claims that the November election was fraudulent. Further, we quoted a writer in The New York Times who wrote:

You can draw a straight line from the message-board fever swamps to Mr. Trump’s rallies to Charlottesville to “Stand back and stand by” to this.

It is a desperate attempt to overthrow the democratic process. It is also the crash of a universe of toxic conspiracies against the rocks of human reality.

We received several comments on the article within hours, both on LinkedIn and directly to our website. They ran the gamut, from thanking us for the post to others that were very opposed and critical of our views.

To everyone who responded, I want to say thank you. We knew there might be a wide range of responses and want all those who did respond to know we listened to everything you had to say.

What I do not want overlooked in all of this is that we also discussed several security measures we advise our clients, schools and colleges, businesses, and other organizations to take now, especially during this volatile time in our country’s history.

It is imperative that we all shelter in place if asked to do so, stay informed, secure physical locations, and be prepared. These and other steps we detailed in that LinkedIn article will help reduce risks and enhance security.

And do not assume that, just because a new administration has taken over as of January 20, and the former president’s popularity is diminishing, the Trump era may be behind us. That does not appear to be the case at all.

According to a January 13, 2021, federal intelligence bulletin, as reported by the Washington Post:

Amplified perceptions of fraud surrounding the outcome of the General Election and the change in control of the Presidency and Senate, as well as perceived government or law enforcement overreach, likely will lead to an increase in domestic violence.*

In other words, according to the columnist, Greg Sargent, “We face a very likely escalation in political violence — violence designed to achieve political ends.”

Our concern is that this “political violence,” along with the turmoil we all feel due to COVID as well as the struggling economy, may spread from the streets into facilities around the country.

As we discussed in our LinkedIn article, after January 6, is more necessary now than ever that we:

• Stay informed
• Review security measures in place, looking for which can be improved
• Find new ways to secure your physical locations and the people working in those locations
• Form or convene a Corporate Crisis Management Team, and most importantly,
• Do not be afraid to ask for help.

Times like this call for action, and actions to protect your school, your business, your organization, and your facilities are sure to benefit all communities, now and in the years to come.

As always, we value your feedback, which helps us shape our perspective on recent events, security, and the services ices we offer.

January 6


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