Global Alliance Against Workplace Violence: How Countries Are Expanding Protection with ILO Convention No. 190

The International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Convention No. 190, a landmark framework designed to combat workplace violence and harassment, is approaching a pivotal moment. With over a dozen countries poised to enact it this year, the total number of nations joining this initiative will reach 38.

Adopted on June 21, 2019, this convention is the first international treaty to address such issues comprehensively, setting a global standard for ensuring a work environment free from violence, including gender-based harassment. As it expands across the globe, Convention No. 190 sets a new global standard that businesses and organizations of all sizes need to be aware of.

Global Alliance Against Workplace ViolenceUnderstanding ILO Convention No. 190

The International Labour Organization (ILO), a cornerstone UN agency founded in 1919, is dedicated to promoting social justice and safeguarding human and labor rights globally. With over a century of commitment, the ILO champions fair and decent working conditions, and earned a Nobel Peace Prize for this work in 1969.

The adoption of Convention No. 190 is a significant addition to its century-long commitment, furthering its mission to foster fair and decent working conditions for all. This convention underscores the ILO’s role in not just advancing workplace dignity and respect but also in addressing emerging challenges with concrete measures.

A Growing Global Commitment To Prevent Workplace Violence

The list of countries embracing Convention No. 190 is diverse, ranging from European nations like Italy and Spain to African states such as Mauritius and South Africa, and from the Americas including Canada and Uruguay. Each country’s ratification not only contributes to a safer global work environment but also encourages others to follow suit, creating a domino effect of positive change across continents.

See a complete list of participant countries here.

A Clear Signal

The expansion of Convention No. 190 serves as a clear signal to entities across all sectors about the critical importance of addressing workplace violence and harassment. This global momentum conveys two essential messages:

  • Legislation on the Horizon: The ratification is a harbinger of forthcoming legislation aimed at curbing workplace violence and harassment. It serves as a compelling reason for organizations to proactively establish and refine their violence prevention programs, ensuring they are prepared to meet and exceed these emerging legal requirements. Being ahead in developing robust safety protocols not only aids in compliance but also positions organizations as leaders in worker protection and safety.
  • Recognition of Rising Incidents: More than just a global legislative push, it’s a reminder that the issue of workplace violence  is escalating in severity and frequency, necessitating immediate and comprehensive action from all corners of the professional world. This isn’t solely about adhering to new laws but also about recognizing the urgent need to protect individuals from the growing risks within their work environments.

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