Seven Under-Reported Facts About School Shootings

“Typically, school shootings happen, we learn about the shooter, those killed, a bit about those that survived, and then we – and the media – move on,” says Oscar Villanueva, a threat assessment expert and COO of TAL Global. “But several things happen after school shootings, most of which are never reported.”

Among these are the following seven under-reported facts about school shootings:


  1. Shootings may cause students and their families to move away. Because school districts are typically paid based on enrollment, this can mean less state and Federal funding for already financially strapped school districts.
  2. After a school shooting, school districts increase spending to protect students and staff by about $250 per student per year. If a district has 10,000 students, that is $2,500,000 per year. The Federal government covers Much of this, but the rest comes from increased property taxes.
  3. Students, teachers, and staff are often traumatized for months, even years, after such events. Many teachers leave the profession altogether, which is one reason for the shortage of teachers in this country.
  4. School shootings increase student absenteeism, grade repetition, reduce high school graduation, college enrollment, college completion, and reduce employment and earnings at ages 24–26. 
  5. Children who have experienced any form of violence in childhood have a 13 percent predicted probability that they will not graduate from school.  Violence in childhood also has a significant impact on children’s academic achievement on standardized tests.
  6. Boys are most impacted by school violence because they are most often the subject of mass shootings, negatively impacting their current and future education and later careers in life.
  7. People are becoming desensitized to school shootings and mass shootings in general. Violence using guns is slowly evolving into an acceptable way of handling disagreements or grievances.

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