Who Needs Executive Protection?

Because we live in very uncertain times, organizations are more concerned than ever before about protecting the health and well-being of their top people. Very often, this protection extends to their families as well.

However, as we mentioned in an earlier post, many executives resist executive protection services. Their privacy and that of their families are their primary concerns.

This brings up the question of who needs executive protection? In most cases, these are the types of people that should have executive protection:

Executive Protection and High-net-worth Individuals.

Back in 1996, when the internet was barely in its infancy, Thomas J. Stanley coauthored The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy. The book became a best-seller, and the masses started looking at their neighbors, wondering if they were their millionaire next door.

Today, with the internet, we know who the millionaires — even the billionaires — are in this country and very often where they live. These people can no longer hide in the safety of a modest home in the suburbs. Their wealth makes them a target, and this is amplified if they travel frequently, attend meetings and conferences, or have enemies. Because the public knows who they are, they need protection.

Executive Protection and Celebrities and Entertainers.

In March 2021, Lady Gaga’s two dogs were dognapped, and her dog walker was shot. The entire incident was caught on surveillance tape. The dogs were returned, and the dog walker recovered, fortunately. Five suspects were arrested.

Interestingly, the police were surprised to discover just how much time the suspects spent planning what they called a “brazen incident.” The suspects knew the value of the dogs, arrival and departure times of the dog walker, and her customary routes. They had scoped it out for days.

While their interest was in kidnapping Lady Gaga’s dogs, she could just as easily have been the target. Celebrities need personal protection at home, in front of fans, attending events, and especially at “meet and greets.”

Executive Protection and C-suite executives.

C-suite executives are prime targets and need protection to ensure their safety. In the past, C-suite executives were targets because it was believed they carried large sums of cash. While they may still be kidnapped in exchange for large sums of money, many C-suite executives are now targets because of information — they know their organization’s top secrets, have sensitive information about new products, or are aware of new technologies under development. This information can be worth millions to competitors.

Executive Protection and Influencers.

This group is a new phenomenon. While influencers are often celebrities that already have made a name for themselves, an influencer can be anyone that has the power to influence the purchasing decisions of others. They can be an industry thought leader, the head of a political organization, or as so often happens today, someone who has made a name for themselves on social media.

These influencers, just like the types of people mentioned earlier, can and often do become the target of criminals. They may be jealous of the influencer; believe the influencer has lots of money, thus opening the door to a kidnapping; or are upset with the organization or product the influencer is promoting. As influencers attain prominence, it’s essential that they seek out executive protection.

We should also point out that there can be “special circumstances” that do not cover any of the categories already discussed:

  •     The recently divorced who often feel threatened by the former spouse
  •     Those currently involved in a divorce or a court case
  •     Individuals who come into a considerable sum of money – the fact of which has been made public.

These people can all face genuine threats. While police protection may be available, in most communities, police are not trained nor have the time to provide continuous executive protection. These individuals need trained, specialized agents to protect them.

As always, we value your feedback, which helps us shape our perspective on recent events, security, and the services we offer.

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