Executive Protection – Facing Emerging Challenges

The world is changing and with it, travel, the business environment, as well as what is known as executive protection or EP. The Executive Protection (EP) profession must also evolve and adapt to provide answers to new and evolving challenges.

For example, EP agents are no longer just security agents; they have to be able to provide competent guide services and first-class first-aid.

Here are some of the main challenges facing executive protection agents and the profession as a whole:

  • New Threats – From terrorism to robbery, to kidnap for ransom, the threat landscape changes constantly, and varies from region to region. New challenges require proficiency i
  • executive protectionn new defensive and evasive tactics. Threats in Brazil are nothing like threats in Georgia or Kazakhstan; threats in Nigeria are often different than threats i
    n St. Petersburg. EP agents don’t have to just be proficient in their traditional ‘tradecraft’ (drivers, bodyguards, etc.), they also need to be constantly up-to-date on the nature and specifics of place and time-specific threats. To that end, true executive protection professionals should have open communication with credible intelligence sources within the target country’s law enforcement and/or first responder communities, as well as contacts with less formal outfits.
  • New Targets – New threats mean new targets. Local and international conditions impact the profile of targets. ‘Fashions’ and ‘trends’ dictate changes in target selection, such as local business persons, expatriates, visiting dignitaries, tourists, and/or vulnerable family members. Today’s EP professional must be adept in providing coverage regardless of the circumstances.
  • Digital EP – Executives are no longer traveling just through the physical world; they also transverse huge distances in cyberspace, using cloud computing, social media and other platforms that are meant to increase communication and ease business, but are at the same time an enduring threat to data security, privacy and trade secrets. A competent EP agent should be able to navigate client(s) safely through these threats also as they relate to traditional EP responsibilities.

Being able to provide a consistent level of service across such a spectrum of disciplines and across the globe requires contacts, resources and a deep commitment to uncompromising professionalism. Few companies can accommodate such rigorous demands.

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