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Safe Termination Procedures to Prevent the Threat of Violence

workplace violence

Terminating an employee can be traumatic for the employee, and a difficult task for managers, supervisors, and HR professionals. Beyond normal terminations, terminating an employee that may respond violently requires special attention and special preparations.
Incomplete or incorrect handling of the termination process of a violent employee may result in dire consequences, physically, psychologically, legally and financially. The guidance of a professional in the preparation for such proceedings can prevent significant complications down the road.

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We May Need to Take a Closer Look at Airport Perimeter Security

airport perimeter security

Now and for the next few days, everybody will be talking about the miraculous survival of the teenage boy that flew 51/2 hours from San Jose, California to Maui, Hawaii in the wheel well of a jet airliner.

A lot will also be said about the fact that in order to get into that wheel well, the boy snuck undetected past all the perimeter security measures of a major US airport.

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Trial Opens for 20 Accused in 2015 Paris Attacks


Professor Raphael Bostic, the director of the USC Bedrosian Center on Governance, at the USC Price School of Public Policy recently interviewed Dr. Erroll Southers, the Director of Transition and Research Deployment for the USC Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events (CREATE), about the Paris massacre and its ramifications for the world at large and for the US in particular.

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Public Venue Security – Concerns About Safety in Movie Theaters

public venue security

Whether it be a political rally in Arizona, a house of worship in South Carolina, or a school in Colorado, the prevalence of firearms abuse in public venues raises, among other questions, the issue of the responsibility of those in charge of the gathering places.

It is undeniable that public venue owners, including movie theater owners and managers, have a duty of care to their patrons who fill their facilities for recreational enjoyment. This duty extends to providing safety from the impulsive behaviors of deranged gun-wielding assassins.

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