According to a new survey by the Wall Street Journal, two-thirds of economists surveyed predict a recession in 2023.  And with recessions come the possibility of employee terminations.

According to Oscar Villanueva, COO of TAL Global, here is what we need to know when it comes to employee terminations:

Employee terminations are always tricky situations. This is especially true when the target employee has exhibited workplace violence tendencies that can result in violent behavior during the termination.

Understanding the risks is the first step in safe employee terminations.

Here are some things to keep in mind when planning and executing a termination:

  • Manage all terminations in a respectful and thoughtful manner.
  • Follow all workplace policies and procedures dictated by human resources and applicable law.
  • If a threat of violence is identified, consider having a professional conduct a workplace violence prevention threat assessment.
  • A responsible management official should prepare a termination plan considering the specific needs under the circumstances. For instance, is belligerence expected? Non-compliance?
  • Purposeful disengagement should be pursued by letting the employee go as gently as possible and without any unnecessary friction.
  • Security professionals should be utilized during the termination to manage any potential violence

The employee termination location should be carefully selected, including the following:

  • The room should be private.
  • Terminations should not be conducted in a manager’s office.
  • A conference room is a better setting, especially if it is located close to an exit
  • Any items that could be used as a weapon should be removed from the room

Creating a plan for each specific termination incorporating the tips mentioned above and several others is essential. A security expert with specific workplace violence expertise should be consulted if internal security and risk mitigation resources are limited.

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