bomb threat should always be taken seriously. If you get the call, try to remain calm, breathe, and stay focused.

Further, there are a few things you should do and a few you should not do. Let’s review these:

Bomb Threats | What Not to Do

Do not hang up even if the caller does.

Do not touch or move a suspicious package.

Do not use your cell phone or a two-way radio. They have the potential to detonate a bomb.

Bomb Threats | What You Should Do

Stay on the line. Keep the caller on the line and do not interrupt. Listen carefully and keep them talking. As you do so, quietly, and carefully notify colleagues of the emergency you are dealing with.

Ask questions. Try to find out where they are located, what kind of bomb it is, what will set it off, when it may go off. Ask them their name.

Listen for voice details. Is the caller a man or a woman? Do they have an accent or a lisp? Do they slur their words or swear? Do they sound calm and confident or are they nervous, agitated, or irrational? All these details can help identify the culprit later.

Treat exact words or phrases as clues. Police authorities and investigators to look for details in the words used by a culprit, especially one threatening to set off a bomb. Write down or try and remember as many exact words spoken by the perpetrator as possible.

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