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RSA 2015 – TAL Global Experts Shine a Light on the Unique Challenges of Cyber Security in Aviation


Dr. Erroll Southers, TAL Global’s Erroll Southers Managing Director for Counterterrorism and Infrastructure Protection, and Lawrence Dietz, Esq. TAL Global’s General Counsel & Managing Director, Information Security, explored last Friday a rarely examined aspect of cyber security, when they urged the audience at RSA USA 2015 Conference to consider the ways in which aircraft systems and networks could become weapons of war – aimed at the US and its allies.

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Who is Watching You? Webcams in The Workplace


Webcams in the workplace have become so ubiquitous that we don’t really pay attention to them anymore, just like we don’t pay attention to computer keyboards and monitors. Yet webcams can, and have, become a serious threat to privacy, confidentiality and intellectual property. They can be hijacked by hackers, criminals and cyber creeps, and they can be used to commit a variety of offenses, from invasion of privacy to blackmail, theft and industrial espionage. A nanny in Texas recently discovered that the baby monitor she’d used was actually under the control of a cyber Peeping Tom.

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The Real Message of the ISIS Hack on CENTCOM


There are a great many pundits at work purporting to analyze the significance of the hack on The US Central Command (CENTCOM)’s Twitter account. This was not a highly orchestrated and technical attack, but an attack directed at a consumer social network. The real message is not that ISIS has a great cyber force, but that the consumerisation of the workplace can lead to serious unwanted consequences.

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KIM Jong Un and You


A series of cyber attacks attributed to the Hermit Kingdom also known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korean (DPRK) and more commonly called North Korea, has caused Sony Pictures to cancel the release of their new ‘comedy’ “The Interview”. The film is based on a fictional scenario wherein the CIA recruits an American TV personality to kill the ruler of North Korea.

What does all this mean to you?

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Aviation Security – The Cyber Perspective


Criminals, including those in the cyber realm, also come in many stripes. Some are motivated by greed, while others, such as terrorists, are driven by beliefs and ideologies. Aviation is a prime target for both types of criminals and involves threats from both as well as potential threats from nation states in time of war.
Lawrence Dietz, TAL Global’s General Counsel and Managing Director, Information Security, provides here an insightful introduction to the unique and challenging nature of cyber security in the aviation sector.

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Massive Cyber Attack on Oil and Energy Industry in Norway – a Rehearsal, a Probe or a Feint?


Amazingly enough, a recent cyber-attack on Norwegian oil and energy companies attracted little attention outside Norway, even though the attack was the largest ever on Norwegian interests. Fifty companies were hacked, and the government’s National Security Authority Norway (NSM) has warned 250 additional companies that they may be targets of continuing cyber-attacks.

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