Bad Actors Do Not Shelter In Place

It appears that shelter in place does not apply to bad actors. The pandemic has impacted millions of people, while bad actors, physical and virtual, are taking advantage of the cover provided by COVID-19 to plan and execute their illegal activities.

Threats to organizations and people continue even as most organizations are operating on reduced staffing levels and under a cloud of concern and uncertainty regarding their employees, customers, and partners.

As the global economy deteriorates because of the impact of COVID-19, there is also growing concern about illegal activities. Criminal behavior is projected to escalate from property crimes, to violence and potentially escalating to civil unrest. While we fervently hope that the pandemic subsides and that people do not resort to crimes against persons or property, we must be vigilant and prepared.   (See Sidebar Below: Bad Actors and Defining Moments in Cybersecurity)

Bad actors don’t stay at home or take a holiday, and neither do we.

As an Essential Business, exempt from Shelter in Place, we are working with clients globally to support them in a variety of risk and security projects, including security planning, incident response and vulnerability assessments.

Employers of all types are struggling to keep pace with bad actorsoperations and growing financial pressure. Workplace violence remains a constant concern as the pandemic continues. TAL Global’s nucleus of remote Managing Directors orchestrates a global network of local resources that are task-organized based on client needs.

We can help your organization in a number of ways, particularly in this “new normal.”

We can work with you in emergency response planning to review, revise or even develop a new emergency response plan if needed.

While many locations are sheltered in place, there is still a need for Executive Protection and/or other physical agent presence.

TAL Global also has significant remote support capabilities in the physical and cyber worlds. We can support your investigative and response efforts in both of these domains.

We believe that in times like these, it is important to be as well prepared as possible. Organizations can be assured TAL Global can be counted on to continue to support their security and risk mitigation efforts, even during these unprecedented times.

Bad Actors and Defining Moments in Cybersecurity

Bad actors are certainly not new to the Internet.  In fact, there has been some type of threat ty cybersecurity virtually since the technology was created.  Here are a few milestons in cybersecuiryt history.

Bad actors are certainly not new to the Internet.  In fact, there has been some type of threat ty cybersecurity virtually since the technology was created.  Here are a few milestones in cybersecurity history.

Late 1980s:  Robert Morris created what is believed to be the first computer worm in 1989.  Because few computers, either in homes or in corporate America, could defend themselves from this worm, it spread very quickly, causing considerable damage.  This worm could have caused far more damage had more people been online in the late 1980s.

1990s. ILOVEYOU took on a different meaning in the 1990s. Tens of millions of computer users around the world found their computers infected with this virus along with another one that made headlines at the same time, Melissa. In corporate America, people were advised not to click on any attachments and to leave their computers on.  Apparently, if one of these virus had made it into the computer, re-booting put it into action.

Mid 2000s. Albert Gonzalez is honored – or criticized, depending on your point of view – for getting access to at least 45 million credit cards used by customers of US retailers such TJX and TJ Max. The breach cost these companies $256 million.

The “Big One:” What is viewed as the biggest cybersecurity incident happened in 2013. That’s when it became known that anyone that used a credit card in a Target store from Nov 27 to Dec 15, 2013 had been “swiped.”  That’s when their credit card information fell into the hands of bad actors.  Target spent upwards of $8 billion to clean things up.


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