Time to Test Your Knowledge About Crime

True or False: Aggravated assault has become the number one crime in the U.S.


Theft is the most common crime in this country; assault is the most common violent crime.

True or False. Most of the crime data in this country is compiled and reported by the FBI.


The FBI compiles and reports crime; however, so does the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). In most cases, the FBI only compiles crimes reported to the police. On the other hand, BJS bases its annual crime report on a yearly survey sent out to Americans aged 12 and older, asking them whether they have been the victim of crime in the past six months.

True or False. Crime rates have gone down in the U.S. since the early 1990s. 


According to the FBI and the BJS, each year since 1993, the crime rate, in most categories, has gone down.

True or False. Most Americans believe crime in the U.S. has gone up nationally.


Even though it does not correlate with the facts, Gallup surveys say at least 60 percent of Americans believe crime is going up nationally, with each year worse than the other.

True or False. Asian Americans have the lowest victimization rate for crime in the U.S.


While there were reports of Asian Americans being attacked before and during the pandemic, overall, they have the lowest victimization rate of any racial or ethnic group in the U.S.

True or False. More than half the crimes committed in the U.S. are reported and more than half the crimes reported are solved.

False and False again.

Fewer than half the crimes committed in the U.S. are reported. This often distorts the annual FBI report. Further, fewer than half are ever solved.

True or False. The crime most reported in the U.S. is auto theft.


Auto thefts are most likely to be reported. This is followed by aggravated assault, robberies, simple assaults, and rape or sexual assault.

Source: Pew Research

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