May Spotlight: Travel Security and Executive Protection

As we step into May, TAL Global is gearing up to talk travel security and executive protection. In today’s global business environment, ensuring the safety of your employees and executives is more important than ever. This month, we’re dedicated to shedding light on vital security measures, risk management strategies, and the expertise required to keep your employees secure, no matter where work and life  takes them.

Ensuring Safe and Secure International Travel

We’ll explore the cornerstone principles of safe international travel. From pre-trip planning to in-country support, understanding the full spectrum of travel security is essential. Our insights will guide you through the complexities of travel risk assessments, emergency response planning, and the role of a security driver. With the right knowledge and preparation, you can mitigate risks and ensure a more secure, safe, and productive journey.

The Smart Traveler’s Travel Security Playbook

We’ll explore the most common threats, strategies and how to prepare. Whether it’s dealing with crimes of opportunity, geopolitical instability, or health emergencies, TAL Global will share its expertise against the certain and the unpredictable. 

California’s SB 553 Workplace Violence Compliance: The Clock is Ticking

As a reminder, July 1, 2024 is approaching and California businesses must ensure SB 553 compliance with new workplace violence regulations. TAL Global remains your go-to advisor for navigating these legislative waters. We’re ready to assist your business in implementing a comprehensive workplace violence prevention plan, ensuring not only compliance but also enhanced security and safety for your employees and operations.

May Spotlight: Travel Security and Executive ProtectionAbout TAL Global

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