When It Comes to Sports Venue Security, Did You Know?

By January 13, 2022 Protection, Security

Results from a recent nationwide survey on sports facilities and security:

>More than 70 percent of participants in nationwide survey agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, “I consider safety and security precautions when choosing to attend a sporting event.”

>Nearly 77 percent agree or strongly agree that they “prefer safety and security measures be visible.” By visible, overwhelmingly, they wanted to see law enforcement officers at the venue and the sports venue’s own security personnel.

>The majority of participants indicated they wanted sports venues to have, in this order, walk-through screening detection systems in place (including metal detectors), facial recognition systems, social media monitoring, bag searches or no-bag policies, security cameras, and K-9 units walking the venue.

>About 65 percent agreed or strongly agreed with the statement: “I am aware of the [sport] venue’s security measures in place before attending an event.”  Usually, this information is found on the venue’s website, on the facility’s signage, and signage at entry points.

This information comes from, “National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security,” a newly released study published by the University of Southern Mississippi. While the researchers did provide some suggestions on ways sports venues can improve security – and protect spectators – without question, the most important step they can take is to have a professional risk assessment conducted.

A professionally conducted risk assessment investigates all issues that could potentially harm a person or place.  Furthermore, we should point out, a professionally conducted risk assessment also looks into a broad range of hazards, including fires, floods, and extreme weather conditions that might negatively impact not only spectators, but the venue itself.

Johnathan Tal is President and Chief Executive Officer of TAL Global Corporation, an international investigative, risk assessment, and security-consulting firm. His firm has conducted numerous sports venue risk assessments including the new Sofi Stadium in Inglewood, Ca. He can be reached through his company website at www.talglobal.com

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