“Prepare React Recover focuses on preparedness, timely reaction, and recovery.”

November 08, 2023 06:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

SILICON VALLEY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TAL Global, a leading security and risk consulting firm based in Silicon Valley, introduces a new and more effective approach for dealing with active shooter/active assailant situations.

Known as Prepare React Recover (PRR), it more effectively addresses such incidents as:

  • Preparing for the possibility that an active shooter event might happen and having a plan should it occur.
  • Understanding how to react best if an incident is imminent or already underway.
  • Developing ways to recover and return to normal business operations after an incident.

PRR goes beyond Run, Hide, Fight (RHF), developed more than twenty years ago and still in use today.

However, RHF is reactive, reacting to an attack that is imminent or already underway. This reduces the likelihood of safety and survival during and after an active shooter situation.

PRR, on the other hand, is proactive.

According to Oscar Villanueva, COO of TAL Global Corporation, PRR “is not incident-driven but focuses on preparedness, timely reaction, and recovery.”

Some key components of the prepare react recover program include the following:


  • Understanding the risk and what to expect.
  • Knowing your limitations when reacting.
  • Visualizing your plan of action ahead of time and considering the actions you will take.


  • Be alert. Identify where the incident is happening, from which direction, and who is involved.
  • Execute your plan of action.
  • If more than one threat, prioritize them.


  • Seek professional medical help if necessary.
  • Conduct a post-incident assessment and self-assessment.
  • Utilize professional mental health counseling, a critical component for recovery.
  • Reflect on past incidents to refine plans and establish a better understanding of the crisis.

According to Villanueva, today’s world vastly differs from when the “Run, Hide, Fight” protocol was created. We now need a more proactive approach to ensure safety.

“Active shooting incidents have become more frequent today, causing significant disruption and anxiety in the workplace. Sensible ways to safeguard people and property are critical in an increasingly challenging security environment.”

About TAL Global

TAL Global is a security consulting and risk management firm based in Silicon Valley, CA, protecting human and physical assets for clients and organizations around the globe for over 25 years.

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