Know Before You Travel: How to Keep a Low Profile

One of the ways you can protect yourself and your family when traveling abroad is to keep a low profile. Here are some suggestions:

Speak less and more softly. American English catches everyone’s ear and could result in someone following you, wanting to cause you harm.

Dress to fit in. Countries have different dress customs. Some Middle East countries require women to wear a head scarf and men should wear long sleeve shirts and no shorts.

Don’t be flashy. Don’t wear flashy jewelry or watches. If you have a case for your phone, instead of a bright colored case, put it in a dark or gray case so it is less noticeable.

Travel in groups. You will have a lower profile traveling in a group with several others than on your own.

Public displays. In many countries, public displays of affection are frowned upon – even illegal. Similarly, holding hands with someone of the same sex can quickly become an issue. Once again, respect the customs of the country in which you are traveling.

Be vigilant. Establish travel boundaries, where you will go and not go and stick to them. Practice situational awareness – always be aware of your surroundings; if you suspect danger, trust your intuition. Get to safety as quickly as possible.

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