Why We Are Updating and Re-Releasing Our COVID-19 Pandemic Recommendations

In 2020, we began assembling a list of recommendations to help our clients grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic. By June of this year, we concluded that many of these recommendations were no longer necessary. The number of cases had dropped significantly, and as many as three million people were getting vaccinated every day in the United States.

Apparently, thinking the COVID-19 pandemic was behind us was wishful thinking.

While the most recent statistics (October 1, 2021) indicate that the number of cases of coronavirus is decreasing in the United States, whether this is a permanent or temporary trend is anyone’s guess.  With that said, we would like to re-share with you our earlier COVID-19 pandemic recommendations to keep you and your staff healthy and your business operations functioning.

We must also point out that while we are not health experts, our goal with all our clients is to always find ways to ensure their staff, their property, and their data stay safe.

Here are some of these recommendations, of which some have been recently updated:

Protecting the Health of Building Users Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

For facility security personnel, this would include installing guard posts with sneeze guards, touchless access controls, remote release capability for all entrance/exit doors, and the installation of video guard technologies. It would also include mask wearing and vaccination requirements where allowed.

For the protection of employees and visitors, our recommendations remain as follows:

  • Properly social distancing employee from each other and visitors
  • Spreading out work shifts to reduce physical interactions
  • Requiring health checks of employees and visitors (temperature checks, health questionnaire, etc.)
  • Ensuring cleaning and disinfecting measures are in place based on CDC, EPA, and LEED recommendations.  (LEED recommendations encourage the use of environmentally preferable cleaning products and limiting the use of disinfectants)
  • Creating response protocols to deal with an employee or visitor in the facility that has or later contracts COVID-19

Healthy Travel Protocols Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

When arranging travel, you have three main concerns to answer:

  • Determine which airlines have the best safety processes in place, including cleaning and sanitation programs as well as staff vaccination and mask-wearing requirements.
  • Determine which airports have implemented the most effective safety protocols here and around the world.
  • Determine which ground transportation methods, including taxis, car shares, airport rail and bus transportation, are safest when it comes to health.

A further step is to analyze hotel safety procedures to determine which hotel properties have implemented effective health and safety protocols.

Executive Protection

Once again, Executive Protection programs, one of our key corporate services, are highly recommended for all company VIPs. As mentioned earlier, Executive Protection programs should now include COVID-19 safety protocols, protection, and advice along with our current and extensive programs of providing safety and security for traveling executives.

City Analysis Packages (CAPs)

Typically, a CAP investigates such things as a city’s cultural attributes, economy, diversity, if and how many colleges and universities are in the city, and population trends. But today, especially when Executive Protection and COVID are a major consideration, more investigation is necessary to protect health and ensure safety.

This should include investigating issues such as the following:

  • If recent laws have been passed limiting demonstrations and civil disobedience.  (Some observers suggest that such laws may cause more civil disobedience)
  • Extent of the gap between a city or a country’s haves and have nots.
  • Government corruption, especially in foreign countries.
  • Presence of organized crime.
  • Government cooperation with law enforcement.
  • Again, in a foreign country, attitudes toward Americans and American companies

Today, CAPs should also include determining the ease of entry and exit into and out of a country.  This last point, especially in the age of COVID, is now a consideration.

Some may ask if updating our COVID-19 recommendations for our clients is necessary.  Our policy, as mentioned earlier is that we always want our clients to be safe and minimize the chances they will experience a risk or a threat to their people, places, or data.

This also includes their health. As the pandemic continues, we advise them to seek the advice of medical and public health experts when it comes to protecting the health of their staff.

We don’t want our clients to take any chances.  It’s far better to be safe than sorry, which is why we are re-releasing and updating our coronavirus recommendations now and as needed in the future.

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