Question: What Advice Do You Have For Corporate Executives to Make Them More Resilient to Future Events?

We are advising our corporate executives to do everything they can now to protect their businesses, their employees, themselves, and their families, as well as their personal welfare and finances.

But once those areas are shored up, at least as much as possible, they must have a vision and prepare for what’s next.  corporate executive

Here’s a perfect example.

A good two decades ago, Apple Computer was struggling.  Manufacturers from all over the world were introducing computers and taking market share away from Apple.  Steve Jobs was certainly revered, but his status as the “golden boy” of the computer industry appeared to be fading.

What people did not know is that by the 1990s, Jobs was already focusing on something entirely different. His attention was not on the current industry or his situation, but on the iPod and the iPhone.  He concentrated on what would be next, and in this case, he was amazingly successful.

This focusing on the future and “what’s next” will help corporate executives, companies, as well as high-worth individuals become much more resilient, especially now as we make our way through this pandemic.

Here are some other suggestions we offer corporate executives:

Spend time envisioning your future.  Uncertainty, such as what we are undergoing now, makes it tempting for many business executives as well as high-worth individuals to micro-manage their businesses and their affairs. They keep seeing the trees, and never look up to see the forest.  Devote a certain amount of time – every week – to envision your personal and organizational future.

Be able to pivot.  As we all are learning through these challenging times, no one has all the answers.  What appears to be a good idea or assumption now, may prove faulty down the road.  We advise corporate executives to keep monitoring and measuring their short- and long-term goals for themselves and their businesses.  If they see signals that things are not working out as planned, be ready to change directions.  Speed and agility are key more than ever today.

Focus on security. No long-term goals can be achieved – or can even be envisioned – if personal and corporate security is an issue.  Make sure you are well-protected as well as your employees and your facilities. More specifically, create (if you do not already have) a security plan, an emergency plan, and an evacuation plan, and test these plans periodically to see if they work. Modify as needed.

Secure resources. Corporate executives should engage NOW with a firm that can provide services at times when starting a relationship will be a challenge. Consider retaining a firm to be there for you and your family when civil unrest is a threat, crime is rising, or you need to evacuate from a certain location.

Review current security with a view to future needs. View corporate security as a journey, always needing refinement, updating, and changing as warranted.

Have expert advice on what may be needed if conditions change.  For example: if you cannot rely on law enforcement to respond, what alternatives are available?  Vet and engage corporate security vendors ahead of time.

Have a vision for your staff.  This applies primarily to our corporate clients and the top executives in these companies.  Your employees need you more now than ever before. They are turning to you to see a brighter future for themselves and the company. This is the perfect time for you to share your long-term vision for the company.  It will help inspire them, strengthen their focus on the company’s purpose, and build loyalty so that, together, you will be able to ride out this pandemic.

For more information on work with have done to protect corporate executives, their families and businesses, click here.

As always, we value your feedback, which helps us shape our perspective on recent events, security, and the services we offer.

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