Recognizing Common Travel Scams Abroad: Tips to Stay Safe and Secure

Traveling exposes you to new cultures, experiences, and, unfortunately, a variety of clever travel scams. These tricks often take advantage of the natural human kindness we all have and exploit your goodwill. It’s a sad reality, but being aware and prepared can help you stay safe and secure. Instead of becoming cynical, we strive to be smart and aware. This post will walk you through some of the more common scams, where early recognition can make the difference.

Types of Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them

Currency Switching

Watch out when handling cash transactions with vendors, as some may try a sneaky switcheroo with your money. Here’s what could happen: you hand over a legitimate bill, and the vendor discreetly swaps it with a counterfeit or damaged one. They’ll then claim you gave them the fake bill and insist on another payment, costing you double. To avoid this, always examine your bills closely before and after handing them over, and keep an eye on the vendor during the entire exchange.

Forced Bracelet and Other Items

In many tourist hotspots, you might encounter street vendors or scammers who quickly attach a bracelet to your wrist, place a hat on your head, or hand you a mix CD without your consent—and then demand payment. They count on catching you off guard and hope you’ll pay up just to avoid a confrontation. To protect yourself, stay alert and immediately decline any unsolicited advances. Make it clear that you do not accept any items or services you didn’t explicitly ask for.

Fake Charities and Fraudulent Fundraisers

Similar to the bracelet scam, tricksters often exploit the goodwill of tourists through fake charity drives or by posing as fundraisers for non-existent causes. Always double-check the legitimacy of any charity by looking for official identification or, better yet, donate directly through the charity’s official website. This way, you can ensure your contributions are going to a real cause and not into the pockets of fraudsters.


Taxi and ride scams are widespread globally, and their tactics can vary by location. Doing a bit of research on the common scams in the area you’re visiting will be invaluable. Always opt for official taxi services or verified ride-sharing apps to ensure safety. These vehicles should have a visible meter or clear identification to confirm they’re legitimate. Before you begin your journey, make sure to agree on fares to avoid being overcharged.

Baggage Handling Scams

Always be cautious when accepting help with your luggage. Scammers, sometimes even posing as employees or collaborating with them, might offer to handle your bags, using this as an opportunity to steal them. They might coordinate with a partner to move your bag out of your sight, allowing the accomplice to walk away with it unnoticed. To safeguard your belongings, always maintain physical control over them and be wary of unsolicited assistance.

The High-Tech Pickpocket

Be cautious when strangers request to hold your phone and enter their information themselves. Often people trying to scam will say it is hard to spell or write their name so it’s easier for them to do it for you.

Once you hand them the phone, the trouble has begun. They will exploit the apps on your phone and then run away. This is especially common with apps like Venmo, where they can quickly transfer large sums to themselves before you realize it. Never hand over your device to anyone.

While the thrill of travel can indeed be exhilarating, staying vigilant and cautious is critical to avoiding unnecessary stress and financial loss. By being aware of the common travel scams outlined above, you can make your experiences safer and more enjoyable.

Remember, if something feels off about an offer or interaction, trust your instincts and distance yourself from the situation. Additionally, if you require more than just tips on avoiding scams, consider reaching out to TAL Global for tailored travel security solutions of any size and scale.

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