Public Venue Security – It’s not only Doable, It’s a Duty


Whether it be a political rally in Arizona, a house of worship in South Carolina, or a school in Colorado, the prevalence of firearms abuse in public venues raises, among other questions, the issue of the responsibility of those in charge of the gathering places.

It is undeniable that public venue owners, including movie theater owners and managers, have a duty of care to their patrons who fill their facilities for recreational enjoyment. This duty extends to providing safety from the impulsive behaviors of deranged gun-wielding assassins.

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Electronic Security Systems – What Not to Leave Out


Judy Gibb, CPP – Designing security systems and integrating them into a supplemental and compatible protective and safeguard program is a complicated task. One must look at multiple aspects of the company, building(s), staff and relationships with the general public, contractors and vendors, to fully understand the day-to-day transactions that occur and the risks behind them.

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