Significant Concerns: US Civil War Included in Canada’s Strategic Preparedness Plan

Imagine a future where artificial intelligence runs wild, misinformation is rampant, civil unrest spreads across the globe, and natural disasters are so frequent that emergency services are overwhelmed. This is not a plot from a science fiction novel, but a plausible reality according to a recent report by Policy Horizons Canada, the Canadian government’s think tank.

The report identifies 35 potential disruptions, which include a US civil war, that could significantly impact Canadian society. These disruptions span various domains, including society, economy, environment, politics, and health. While these events are not guaranteed, they are deemed credible and warrant attention to prepare for future scenarios.

Significant Concerns: US Civil War Included in Canada's Strategic Preparedness PlanKey Disruptions

AI and Misinformation

Among the disruptions, the report highlights a scenario where Artificial Intelligence (AI) runs unchecked, making it increasingly difficult for people to discern truth from falsehoods. This could lead to widespread misinformation and societal fragmentation, undermining public trust and complicating decision-making processes. As traditional knowledge sources lose credibility, algorithms designed for emotional engagement could deepen social divides. Individuals might find themselves living in echo chambers shaped by personalized media, fostering environments ripe for disinformation. These fragmented realities could erode societal cohesion, making reliable research and effective communication on public issues increasingly challenging.

Moreover, the rapid development and spread of AI could incentivize risky behavior and a lack of transparency, outpacing regulatory efforts to prevent misuse. As AI systems perpetuate biases in their training data, existing inequalities could worsen, further fragmenting society. A flood of undetectable AI-generated content could manipulate and divide populations, fueling conflicts.

Emergency Preparedness

The report also underscores that emergency responses could be overwhelmed due to the increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters. For instance, imagine a scenario where a series of unprecedented wildfires ravage the west coast, followed by catastrophic flooding in the east. Emergency services, already stretched thin, struggle to respond, leaving communities devastated and resources depleted. Beyond the immediate impacts, these disasters can strain healthcare services, the real estate market, the price of goods, and more.

United States “Civil War”

Another alarming scenario is the outbreak of a civil war in the United States. While this may seem far-fetched, rising tensions and heated rhetoric could escalate into violent conflicts. The country currently faces deep ideological divisions, and civil unrest is already a real and present issue. The 2024 election cycle is expected to amplify these tensions, with heated campaigns and polarizing issues likely to drive further discord. John McArthur, a scholar at the Brookings Institution and a member of the Policy Horizons steering committee spoke with Politico

The plausibility of the civil war scenario, he said, depends on “how one defines civil war.”

Although a full-scale civil war is unlikely, the growing incidents of political violence and social unrest emphasize the urgent need to address these issues and foster a more united society. This is important on a personal, organizational, and community level. The potential for increased instability during the election cycle is significant, and highlights the importance of measures to mitigate conflict and stay secure and safe in all probable scenarios.

See the whole report here

Implications and Recommendations

Policy Horizons Canada produced this report primarily for Canadian policymakers, but its findings hold valuable insights for a broader audience. The think tank emphasizes that understanding and preparing for these disruptions is essential. They explore trends, potential realities, and emerging challenges to help create effective policies and programs.

As the future unfolds, preparation and foresight are vital in anticipating and mitigating problems that may affect individuals, businesses, and livelihoods. The information is available; you just need to look and act on it. By staying informed and ready, we can mitigate potential issues impacting our lives, businesses, and communities.

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