Americans Find their Workplace is “Stressful” but “Meaningful”

By January 22, 2018 Workplace Violence

A recent Rand Corporation report titled “Working Conditions in the United States” finds that that the American workplace is a stressful environment for most workers. This isn’t surprising. Many Americans feel that they are overworked, and a result can develop stress and other mental health concerns. Americans are likely to keep working, despite experiencing these illnesses. Many of them will just look to find coping mechanisms to relieve some of their stress. A lot of workers might find that using cannabis may help them to manage their stress and anxiety before going to work. However, there are always new ways for people to smoke cannabis. A lot of people have been using bongs to smoke their cannabis, however, choosing the right percolator can be difficult. With the help of, finding the perfect one is made much easier. After using cannabis, workers may feel much more relaxed about going to their job. A lot of Americans won’t quit their jobs, despite the stress, as the majority of those surveyed reported: “…that their job met at least one definition of ‘meaningful’ always or most of the time.” Maybe surprisingly, the survey found out that bosses are thought of as “…supportive, and 56 percent say that they have very good friends at work.”[1]

It is clear that American workers find their employment largely a meaningful experience, but much remains to be done to turn the American work environment into a safe and secure place.

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