Workplace Violence: Here’s What It Looks Like

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What Is a Workplace Violence Program and Why Do I Need One? 

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But first, we want to share with you what workplace violence looks like.

Here is Army Cpt. Katie Ann Blanchard’s video about her experience with workplace violence.  Below, key points in the transcript.  Blanchard Begins Her Workplace Violence Experience

My story began when I became supervisor to a civil service employee who showed many signs of potential violence: deteriorating job performance, poor relationships with coworkers and customers, refusing to accept criticism of his performance, refusing to comply with rules, outbursts of rage, swearing [and] odd behavior that caused people to avoid him.

The first time he reacted violently toward me, I was counseling him about his [poor work] performance. He became enraged and shouted at me. I reported the incident to my supervisor. When my supervisor confronted him, he denied everything.

“You Are the Problem”

This individual continued to intimidate and harass me. At one point, he repeated several times, “You are the problem,” and refused to leave my office when directed.

Two weeks before the fateful day, my attacker’s whole demeanor abruptly switched. He became upbeat, smiling, and jovial – totally out of character. The sudden change of behavior was another warning sign of workplace violence.

On September 7, the workday was ending. Most everyone had left for the day, but I noticed my attacker lingered. A coworker accompanied me when I told him he needed to leave. He agreed, and I went back to my office.

Suddenly, my attacker appeared in my doorway and, without a word, approached my desk and emptied the contents of a bottle on me. I could smell the toxic scent of benzene all around me as he lit a match.

I owe my life to three people who were still at work that day. Without thought for their own safety, they put out the fire on my body.

Fourth-Degree Burns

I was in a coma for some time. I had sustained third and fourth degree burns to 20 percent of my upper body. My family was an amazing support system for me as I recovered from multiple surgeries and painful rehabilitation.


All organizations need a comprehensive workplace violence prevention program.  Here’s how to start.  Attend our Free Webinar:

What Is a Workplace Violence Program and Why Do I Need One?

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