The Challenge – Proactive Hospital Security

By November 9, 2015 Security, Workplace Violence

Medical Centers and other healthcare facilities face a growing need to manage a spectrum of security issues ranging from workplace violence, through crimes against assets and people, to cyber incidents and even terrorist threats.

These very same facilities also face a unique “dual mission” dilemma: on the one hand they must provide an unrestricted environment for patients, staff, visitors and contractors while on the other hand, they must provide for a threat free environment to minimize all risks and ensure the safety and well being of patients, staff and visitors – and their property.

Preparedness, practiced action plans, and proper access control are a healthcare facility’s first “line of defense”. This can only be accomplished with an effective Environment of Care Security Management Plan and Risk Assessment Process. But a truly successful security strategy cannot remain passive; it must take into account the special needs of the facility, both during routine and emergency periods, the public nature of the facility, and the threats posed to the facility and its users from the outside and from within. In short, a successful strategy must be proactive and multi-layered. It must be able to constantly evaluate and present solutions to dynamically evolving risks.

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