A Tale of Two Travelers

By April 14, 2014 Protection, Security

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Two executives from the same US company visited Brazil recently. One used our executive security services and one declined the same services.

The following personal, real-life, executive security accounts tell us what happened in each case:*

The first account is from a woman executive who engaged secure driver and executive security services from TAL Global on a recent trip to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

“Trip went well” said the executive who used TAL Global’s services. She complemented the car service and the professionalism and attentiveness of the drivers. In particular, she noted the ability of the security escort (an off-duty policeman) to maintain vigilance while “not calling attention to his presence – a perfect balance, as you don’t want to attract attention to the fact that you have a security person around.” The executive concluded that “Net, (it was) a very good experience.”

At the same time this executive was experiencing a comfortable and secure trip, a group of three male executives from the same company decided to decline the same service, claiming that it was unnecessary, that they know Brazil well, and had travelled there many times without a problem. Their experience on this trip turned out to be quite a bit different.

Because of administrative difficulties, the executives were forced to hire a hotel car-service vehicle to transport them from the hotel to the location of a scheduled event.

While on the highway, the group found themselves stuck in a traffic jam. What happened next is not something anybody wants to experience.

A motorcycle rider pulled up next to the executives’ vehicle, drew a gun, and ordered the passengers to open the car window. When they complied, the rider ordered them to hand over their wristwatches, which they also did. The rider, along with another motorcycle that apparently provided cover to the operation, took off leaving the horrified executives behind. The whole event took less than a minute, but it obviously left an indelible impression on the executives who felt not only vulnerable and threatened, but also lucky to have gotten out of this situation physically unscathed and with relatively little material damage.

We at TAL Global cannot guarantee that we can always stop unwanted events from happening.  By creating a credible deterrence and by providing a proactive defensive shield, we can guarantee a significant reduction in the chances of such unfortunate and potentially life-threatening events ever taking place – and if/when such events take place, we will be there, on the ground, to provide immediate solutions.

* The quotes in this item are published on condition of anonymity.

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