TAL Global Partners With Fred Cohen & Associates

By September 16, 2010 Cyber Security

TAL Global, a leader in holistic security, has gone into a strategic partnership agreement with Fred Cohen & Associates (FCA) of Livermore, CA. “Fred has been a long standing associate of TAL Global and this new partnership will allow us to take our relationship to the next level to offer our clients a wider range of high value added Information Security related services,” said Johnathan Tal, Chief Executive Officer of TAL Global.

“FCA’s unique experience in Information Protection ranges across a wide spectrum. Their extensive experience in Business Continuity Planning, Information Protection Architecture, Information Risk Management, and their supporting technologies and intellectual property will be an excellent complement to our investigative and forensics services,” commented Larry Dietz, Managing Director of Information Security, & Legal Support Services. “FCA’s services are packaged in such a way that clients can readily see the high value they bring to the table. Furthermore, FCA’s structured approach gives clients an unparalleled means of being a part of the project and helps the FCA team craft reports and other deliverables that are attuned to the client’s particular needs.”

Future Enterprise Planning projects typically consist of four tasks:

  • On site data gathering and meetings are used to understand critical information needs and the current state of protection is melded into an enterprise information protection model developed by FCA over many years of work with many enterprise clients.
  • Analysis ranges from risk aggregations and interdependency analysis, to OODA loop analysis and tradeoffs between prevention and detection and response approaches, with coverage of scores of different well defined architectural elements, and typically includes a gap analysis and comparison to commonly used standards.
  • Reports cover a wide range of elements of the systematic comprehensive approach to enterprise information protection architecture including governance requirements, management, policies, standards, procedures, documentation, testing, and more.
  • Future state architecture development is usually the fourth phase and includes both the architectural solutions for filling gaps, a transition plan for closing the gaps in realistic time frames and with realistic costs, and a management presentation to clear the path for moving ahead. Other FCA services include Information Protection Posture Assessments, Risk Management assistance, and a wide range of other planning and situation-specific services related to enterprise information protection.

“I am delighted to be working with TAL Global again,” said Dr. Fred Cohen, President and Founder of FCA, “TAL Global has a proven client centered approach to security issues and our ability to work together in both the traditional security field and information protection and related legal areas gives us a unique and powerful way of serving their clients together,” Dr. Cohen added.

About TAL Global:

TAL Global is an international security consulting firm providing services to the high-tech, financial, manufacturing and hospitality industries. Comprised of a large professional network which is both nationwide and international in scope, TAL Global provides its clients with a full range of security related services. For more information on TAL Global, visit https://talglobal.com/ email mailto:info@talglobal.net or call 408.993.1300.

About Fred Cohen & Associates:

Fred Cohen & Associates (FCA) was founded in 1977 by Fred Cohen as a focused consulting practice working in the information protection field. For more information on FCA, email dr.cohen@mac.com or call 925.454.0171.

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