Stanley Kirsch named Worldwide Manager of Sales

By August 23, 2018 Highlights

TAL Global Corporation today named Stanley Kirsch its Worldwide Manager of Sales.

CAMPBELL, California–August 21, 2018–TAL Global Corporation today named Stanley Kirsch its Worldwide Manager of Sales. Kirsch, who brings over 40 years of experience working in the private sector, will report to Johnathan Tal, TAL Global’s CEO.

“Stanley brings a unique background to our team”, said Johnathan Tal. “As a Security and Loss Prevention practitioner, he had first hand experience of the complexities of our world, and he went on to deploy this experience in high integrity sales. We welcome him to our family”.

Mr. Kirsch’s background includes working as Macy’s East Director of Administrative Practices, Wackenhut’s Director of Investigations NYC, and VP Holmes Security. He is a former licensed New York State private investigator and adjunct instructor in NYU School of Continuing Education. Mr. Kirsch brings the highest form of integrity in improving quality and effectiveness in the workplace by drawing from his knowledge and he brings together experts to improve management’s goals in securing a safe public and private workplaces.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity to work at TAL Global with some of the most outstanding luminaries in the security field, and with Mr. Mike Keenan whom I’ve worked with in the past”, Kirsch stated.

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