School Shooting Again – This Time a College Campus in Oakland, CA

By April 4, 2012 School Violence
School Violence

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Mr. One Goh, a 43-year old former nursing student at Oikos University in Oakland, CA, opened fire randomly on students and staff, on campus, on Monday, April 2nd 2012, killing seven people and wounding three others.

According to Oakland Police, Mr. Goh was apparently upset at both school administrators and students who had “mistreated” and “disrespected” him. Later on, the South Korean born former student surrendered to police and was taken into custody.

The latest shooting brings to 16 the number of fatalities resulting from school shootings, in six separate incidents, in 2012 alone. This is a statistics that should gain the attention every person involved in education and security in this country.

Dr. Fred C. Lunenburg, from Sam Houston State University, writes in recent a report titled: “School Violence in America’s Schools”, that: “Growing violence, bullying, and chaos in classrooms are a regular part of the school day for an increasing number of students.”

Dr. Lunenburg concludes his report by saying that: “creating a safe and disciplined learning environment is a challenge for all schools.” It is indeed a challenge, and schools should not face this challenge alone. They should seek and receive the best professional advice from seasoned professionals, trained and experienced in providing actionable solutions to existing and anticipated problems. Because, only relentless, professionally-guided vigilance can help avoid such tragedies as we’ve witnessed this week.

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