School Security: TAL Global – Ahead of the “Learning Curve”!

By January 29, 2014 School Violence

CEB  - LogoTAL Global has partnered with the Longwood Foundation, to help secure the new Community Education Building (CEB), and turn it from an abandoned skeleton into a shining example of educational opportunity focused on helping Wilmington students improve their achievements.


TAL Global’s experts are consulting on security, safety and emergency preparedness strategies.

Formerly a brokerage house, the 11-story, 450,000-square-foot tower just off Rodney Square was donated by Bank of America to the Longwood Foundation. With the completion of the extensive, $30 million renovation effort, next fall, the CEB will become the home of four charter schools, counting about 2,400 students, about one-fifth of Wilmington’s entire school-age population.

CEB - Front

Community Education Building (CEB)

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