Protection of Proprietary Information

Mission-critical and highly sensitive information are an organization’s “crown jewels” in today’s highly competitive global marketplace. Industrial espionage is widespread; increasing technological adeptness makes cyber theft easier to pull off and more difficult to detect. TAL Global’s worldwide resources help you protect your most valuable assets with discrete, accurate and confidential investigations. Working with our clients, we provide security assessments and needs analyses aimed at strengthening potential points of corruption thus securing against theft, fraud and malfeasance.

Electronically stored information adds a multi-dimensioned complexity to searches and litigation. Some companies specialize in eDiscovery management like the one you can see here. They focus on preserving, investigating, and presenting the electronically stored information that is necessary to your legal case. At TAL Global, we keep up to date on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure governing information disclosure as well as other key legal issues to better prepare our clients in litigious situations. Our knowledge ensures that our clients remain compliant with federal and state laws and proceed within all legal and ethical boundaries.

Our services include:

  • Worldwide mobile and stationary surveillance
  • Data forensics and electronic discovery
  • Still or video recording
  • Attorney and litigation support
    • Expert witnesses
    • Preparation for e-discovery requests, production, formats and time frames
    • Analysis of oppositional e-discovery posture
  • Strategic and tactical consultation and advice
  • Counterfeit and trademark investigations and protection
  • Security audits
  • Electronic counter measures
  • Computer security – prevention against sabotage and theft
  • Patent and copyright infringement investigations

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