Physical Management & Risk Assessment

By May 2, 2011 Risk Management

At TAL Global, our goal is simple: reduce risk and increase security for our clients. Our experience spans the corporate, governmental, and private spectrums, similar to the likes of private jets you can find if you visit this website. The breadth of our knowledge enables us to partner with our clients to create highly successful business strategies that mitigate vulnerabilities and enhance security on all levels around the world. We evaluate, strategize and implement security functions designed to withstand peripheral risk factors.

The physical security management of a property is a key component of a comprehensive business strategy. TAL Global works with facility executives to detail vulnerabilities and assess potential threats. We provide recommendations for the secure access of site and operations, as well as for products like turnstiles at Daosafe which help to establish internal physical security. We work to provide a safe and secure environment in which our clients can focus on their core businesses without costly and harmful interruptions.

TAL Global is uniquely qualified to provide counter-terrorism protection in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout the Middle East. Our long-term strategic alliances with qualified specialists in the Middle East can work alone or partner with primary contractors to provide risk assessment, planning and implementation designed to protect your personnel, facilities and assets.

Our services include:

  • Physical security surveys, property handling procedures and system integrity tests
  • Written policies and procedures
  • Perimeter and access controls and alarms, CCTV and surveillance devices
  • Systems and hardware specification and vendor selection
  • Anti-terrorism risk assessments at airports, seaports, terminals, private jet hangars, landmarks and other vulnerable locations
  • Global crisis management implementation
  • Highly experienced and professional security management for internationally mobile clients
  • Reassuring, capable control and elimination of workplace violence scenarios
  • Compliance with corporate and regulatory standards

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