Dietz Receives PSYOP Award

By December 13, 2010 Cyber Security

November 30, 2010 – San Jose, California – Colonel (Retired) Lawrence Dietz, U.S. Army and TAL Global Managing Director of Cyber Security, received the Gold MG Robert McClure Award at the 2010 Psychological Operations (PSYOP) Regimental Week hosted by the 4th Military Information Support Group (MISG) at Fort Bragg, NC.

The McClure Award is the highest award to be presented to a PSYOP professional and is given in recognition of lifetime achievement. COL (R) Dietz was the co-recipient of this year’s award.

“I am humbled and honored to be a recipient of the McClure Award especially in light of the significant number of people that deserve it,” said Mr. Dietz after the ceremony. COL (R) Jack Summe, Defense Intelligence Senior Leader, Senior Advisor of Cyber Policy, Department of Defense was the other co-recipient of this award.

As a retired Army Reserve Colonel specializing in intelligence and PSYOP, COL (R) Dietz has over 30 years of diversified military and commercial information and cyber security experience. He is a nationally recognized expert in the areas of cyber security, cyber warfare, information security and intellectual property. Dietz is the author of the popular PSYOP Blog:

Securing electronic assets, responding to a full spectrum of cyber threats and managing perception of the organization by media, customers, investors and others are some of the key areas Larry is focused on at TAL Global. He combines military experience (retired colonel in military intelligence and PSYOP) with commercial sector practices (Symantec, Frost & Sullivan, Zona Research) and the thought leadership of the Academia (adjunct professor American Military University).

Larry is also a licensed attorney and provides litigation and legal support to our clients in these matters. He is a recognized authority in compliance and has lectured nationally and internationally on topics such as SOX, data privacy and other critical issues related to Cyber and Electronic Commerce.

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