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Which of the following countries is the number one target of cyberattacks?

South Korea



The United States is the target of 38 percent of the world’s cyber attacks.



If a business is hit with malware, how long does it usually take to regain its data?

Three days

One week

Two weeks

Up to a month


How can workplace violence hazards be reduced?

All the items listed below

Having a zero-tolerance policy towards workplace violence

Assessing the worksite by conducting a risk assessment

Hiring security professionals who can deliver “hands-on” security if and when needed.

Create a workplace violence employee handbook

None of the above.


Which of the following is not considered a trigger for workplace violence?

Someone who has no relationship with an organization but commits workplace violence as part of a robbery or theft.

Someone who disagrees with a company’s political views.

A customer upset with a product or service purchased from a company.

Worker-on-worker violence.

How many people are victims of workplace violence each year in the U.S?

About 500,000

About 1 million

About 2 million

We really don’t know.


How many people feel unsafe in their workplace?

One in ten

One in twenty

One in seven

One in five

Of the following workers, who are most often the victims of workplace crimes?

People working in warehouses and distribution centers.

People working in medical facilities.

Teachers and educators in schools and universities.

First responders, specifically ambulance personnel.

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