Using “Assertive HonoringTM” Method to Expand Your Healthcare Facility Conflict De-escalation Toolbox

By February 27, 2017 Workplace Violence

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Conflicts in healthcare facilities are a growing problem across the U.S. and throughout the world. Healthcare providers face, almost daily, threatening, intimidating and aggressive actions from patients and family members. These aggressive actions range from belligerent body language and tone of voice, to more overt violence expressed in threatening moves, postures, shouts and explicit threats, all the way to outright physical assaults.

What is “Assertive HonoringTM“?

In the course of providing services to its clients, TAL Global comes in constant contact with a wide variety of conflicts at healthcare facilities. In order to provide the best possible service, TAL Global has enlisted the help of Dr. Doron Pely, an expert in cross-cultural conflict management, organizational cultures, de-escalation and conflict of interest management. Dr. Pely has developed a set of cross-cultural conflict management and de-escalation tools, utilizing a combination of modern and traditional practices called “Assertive Honoring”.

“Assertive HonoringTM conflict mitigation tools can assist users with the following:

  • Early detection of conflict signs
  • Asserting authority
  • Pre-empting evolving conflicts
  • Acting judiciously on early signs
  • Effective communication with patients and their families, other staff members, and security personnel
  • Restoring disputants’ dignity/respect/confidence
  • De-escalating conflicts

Using Assertive Honoring in Healthcare Systems

Using “Assertive HonoringTM, healthcare professionals will improve skills in responding to three different scenarios:

  • Hidden Conflict
  • Evolving Conflict
  • Declared Conflict

“Assertive HonoringTM response tactics will aid in the reduction in frequency and intensity of conflicts, staff trauma, financial liability, lost workdays, and compensation claims and lawsuits that tend to follow incidents of workplace violence in healthcare facilities. These tactics will also create a safer working environment overall for staff and patients. .

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