Farewell to UK Security Expo 2017!

TAL Global just finished an eventful week in London, at the UK Security Expo 2017. Scores of conference and exhibition attendees visited our booth, had a chance to chat with our Team of Experts (we had four SMEs on hand, including the CEO, Mr. Johnatan Tal, our COO and Managing Director of Investigations, Mr. Oscar Villanueva, Dr. Erroll Southers, our Managing Director of Counter-Terrorism and Infrastructure Security, and Mr. Andy Davis , our Regional Director, Europe).

Dr. Erroll Southers delivered five keynote speeches and presentations over the span of two days, covering diverse subjects such as stadium and public event security, Mitigating the risk of home grown violent extremists, and increasing transportation security with the use of Terrorist Decision Making (TDM™) – an innovative vulnerability reducing method developed by TAL Global.

We want to thank all the people who expressed interest in our work and in cooperating and collaborating with us to improve security and reduce vulnerabilities in the workplace, during business travel, at transportation facilities and wherever people gather to shop, study and/or watch sports events and attend concerts. Special thanks to Josh Tal for his invaluable help.

London UK Security Expo 2017!

Dr. Erroll Southers with conference Chair Admiral Lord West and conference CEO Mr. Peter Jones

We are looking forward to meeting many of you over the coming weeks and months, to discuss your challenges and work together on creative solutions.

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