Executive Protection (EP) – It’s All About People

executive protectionEven the most tech-savvy CEO knows that while technology is paramount to our lives and to our business success, real breakthroughs – technological or commercial – are brought about by people. It’s people that dream, innovate, develop, implement, push, and end up bringing home the bacon; in short, it’s all about people.

Yet, when it comes to ensuring people’s safety and security, particularly through the use of professional Executive Protection (EP) services, sometimes misperceptions cloud over the facts.

So, here are some of the facts:

  • “Executive” Means “Everybody” – While the term “executive” may sound “elitist”, in reality, in the field where it counts, titles are meaningless. People and their needs are what really count. Providing professional security services to any employee who needs them makes plain good sense, while exposing employees to undue risk– regardless of their rank or role – is a self-defeating act.
  • Executive Protection is Not an Expensive Luxury – If EP services looks like a luxury, you’re shopping for them in the wrong place. If you’re looking for professionalism, not gloss, bells and whistles, and if you plan ahead and make the safety of travelling personnel a matter of regular consideration, costs can be quite reasonable. In fact, the cost of a car with a trained security driver is often very close to the cost of a “regular” overseas limousine service; even without taking into account the significant reduction in liability that comes with the use of a professional protection service.
  • “Executive Protection Burdens Traveling Executives” – Professional EP services focus on the twin task of maximizing security while minimizing inconvenience. A true EP professional is not only trained in all aspects of security and safety, but also in all aspects of blending into the background of all activities, without ever becoming an obstruction or a focus of attention – neither for the traveler, nor for anybody else around.

Want to know what true professional EP services are all about? Download and read our new White Paper, titled: Executive Protection (EP) – It’s All About People. It may be the best investment in your employee’s security you’ve ever made.

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