Electronic Discovery in Pre-Trial Intelligence Gathering

By September 1, 2007 Cyber Security, Risk Management

This Intellectual Property Society 45 minute videoblog features Larry Dietz as Presenter of “Electronic Discovery in Pre-Trail Intelligence Gathering”.

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Discovery is intelligence collection and analysis regarding an opposing party. Now more than ever critical information is in electronic format. Attorneys will benefit by appling sound principles of intelligence collection via ediscovery software and analysis to formulate the most effective legal evaluation of an opposing party’s position. This session provides a methodology exploiting three avenues of approach:

People of Interest & Importance

  • Communications Patterns & Social Networking
  • Target End Point Devices (Computers, PDAs, Phones, iPods, etc.)
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Traditional Investigation Tips & Techniques


  • How to understand the core operations of the organization.
  • Determining critical application software and production requirements.
  • Business ecosystems and their implications for litigation.

IT Infrastructure

  • Sources for Production
    • Critical Servers
    • Network Access Control Software
    • Security Logs
  • The Role of Data Forensics

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