Cyber Bullying – It’s Deadly Serious

By August 3, 2017 Cyber Security

cyber bulling If anyone doubted the deadly seriousness of cyber bullying, the suicide of 12-year-old Mallory Grossman of Rockaway, New Jersey, on June 14, 2017, should have dispelled those doubts.

According to the family’s lawyer, the middle-schooler’s classmates inundated her with abusive text messages and online postings on social media for months on end. According to news reports, Mallory’s parents pleaded with school administrators and parents to put an end to the relentless barrage of cyber bullying – to no avail. They were told that “…it was all a joke”, and that they “…shouldn’t worry”. [1]

Now, Mallory’s parents are suing the school district, the school, teachers and administrators, and are considering suing the parents of some of the kids who allegedly participated in the cyber bullying campaign.

Cyber bullying is a rapidly-growing phenomenon, particularly at the middle and high-school levels. Administrators, educators and parents are starting to grasp the degree to which cyber bullying can disrupt their work and the lives of their pupils and staff.

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[1] Family of 12-year-old who committed suicide after cyberbullying to sue school district

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